With URSA+ technology, it's easy to identify and register your assets on the public blockchain with existing API or database structure. Even more, we can give your assets financial utility and functions, like trade or renting.


By decentralized blockchain network, all assets will be encrypted through smart contract with multiple secure procedure. We can protect all assets from fraud, forgery or privacy threat more than any centralized service.


URSA+ is using flexible, adjustable and user friendly interface. Combine with multiple tool like chatbot, web, email and SMS. Integrating URSA+ network with your existing product just a click away.




URSA+ is a start-up company focusing on how blockchain technology can bring this world a better solution in both digital and non-digital assets. In astronomy, Ursa Minor is the constellation with Polaris star inside. Polaris is the star that guiding people's direction for thousands of years. We hope we can be just like Ursa Major, connects this world and guides directions for everyone.


Our vision is to make assets secure and convenient for everyone. We believe that blockchain and distributed systems has the ability to solve today’s problem and provide a better solution. URSA+ try to build a world that digital assets would be less vulnerable to hack and fraud; identity theft would be far less common; advertising dollars would be distributed across a wider range of media properties.


We use blockchain technology to create URSA+ platform, which is aiming to be the fundamental infrastructure of future digital assets. At blockchain layer, our network use both public chain (ETH/EOS based) and private to combine their advantages and avoid some potential disadvantage in current solution. Also, we will use off-chain technism to accelerate assets transaction.



Other partners will be made public soon.